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About Us

One day, when I was a mere twelve years of age, I had an epiphany while rummaging through a beautiful treasure of delicate ribbons and rhinestone buttons which my mother had amassed; it was an early 'aha moment' that this was indeed something special. It led me to work within the fashion industry, starting from a young age since I already knew I wanted to be a creator of beautiful things. Little did I know that my interest would eventually lead me to cakes and buttercream.

After attending the "Fashion Techniques & Design" program at George Brown College, I learned an invaluable lesson: Fashion is not pretty nor is it glamorous. I was an ingenue who had more of an interest in the final product rather than long, dull hours spent at a drafting table. My ideals of refinement and glamor simply did not fit in with the realities of my new craft.

Which leads me to where I am today. I have attended a Cake Designing program where I was able to put forth my passion and eagerness to gain skills but also learn from the teachers who have inspired me to find my own style and approach. The result? Labour of love, an enthusiasm for design and a lust for food.